Delivery Model

How We Deliver Results

Pentra has built a service delivery model that provides a core team of experienced professionals to every client. It is clear who is accountable, and a team member is accessible at all times. This provides clients with the comfort of knowing that assistance is always available. It also enables the team to become intimately familiar with the nuances of your organization.

Each member of the core team has broad based experience, as well as several areas of specialization, in disciplines such as underwriting, wellness, communications, financial forecasting, etc. If the need arises, we supplement the core team with subject matter experts who are more specialized in their field. These experts may include attorneys, clinicians, actuaries and technology consultants, among others. The goal is to build an intimate client experience that can identify, address and manage every aspect of your benefit program.

Our clients are unique, and our approach to client engagements reflects the specific needs of each client. We balance highly focused analysis with a broad understanding of the five critical elements that every organization must consider with every benefit decision they make. These elements include design, funding, administration, communication and compliance. Our clients tell us they value our ability to deliver rigorous technical analysis with an appreciation for how the results and recommendations will impact all aspects of benefit delivery, employee need and management’s goals.