Clinton C. Brooks, Jr.

Clinton C. Brooks, Jr.

Clint joined Pentra as an Account Executive in 1994 and was invited to become a Principal of the firm in 1999. Clint has taken a leadership role driving innovation and client strategy for Pentra. This includes developing progressive plan designs and creative contribution strategies to drive employee behavior. He has been a national thought leader in helping to anticipate both the short and long term impact of health care reform, and he has worked with insurers to develop new products and plan designs. He has an exceptional analytical ability, and his clients value his consultative style and commitment to excellence. Clint has been an advocate for the ongoing development and enhancement of Pentra’s unique repeatable consultative process.

Clint has a strong background in design, funding, administration, communication and compliance. He works with clients both as an Account Executive and as a subject matter expert. He has direct experience in strategic planning, merger and acquisitions, due diligence and integrations, wellness plan integration, outsourced administration, plant closures and reorganizations, cost reduction programs and integrated disability studies. Clint’s success results from his “hands-on” approach to consulting, and he is known for his favorite quote, “work for your clients as if it were your own money.”

Clint graduated from the University of Vermont in 1990 with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Economics. Clint is recognized in the industry as a respected thought leader and has served on Advisory Boards for Aetna, UnitedHealthcare and Cigna.

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