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Innovative Programs and Strategies

Our clients take comfort in knowing we leverage innovative programs that help control the rising cost of benefits while enhancing value to their employees.

Captives provide an attractive option for organizations that are committed to a long term strategy of population health management and desire the opportunity to participate in the positive financial outcomes that often result from this approach.
Captives are a risk-financing method or form of self-insurance involving the establishment of reinsurance programs to write insurance for predictable risks such as health care. Captives may be attractive options for organizations that are committed to a long term strategy of health management. They can provide similar benefits with less volatility than self-funding a plan independently. We provide access to both established and standalone captives. Captives entail some risk, but can significantly reduce long term insurance costs and fees. They can improve cash flow and provide the opportunity to share in any underwriting profits.

Employers are increasingly realizing that integrating Wellness and Population Health Management into the workplace is a crucial step in a long term cost management strategy. There are many resources available to assist employers to integrate these programs into their health strategy.
Pentra focuses on designing and implementing affordable and effective wellness and health management programs that make an impact. We have access to a wide variety of well-established health management programs that can be easily adapted to introduce into the workplace. Setting objectives and participation goals is crucial, as is tracking key metrics to assure that programs are providing the desired return on investment.

Private exchanges can be an effective platform for delivering a range of benefit options in a highly efficient manner. While the concept is not new, technology, decision support tools and the creation of Public Exchanges has resulted in a major surge in employer interest.
Pentra has contracted with Liazon, a premier provider of exchange technology to provide our clients with access to an outstanding exchange platform. Liazon’s flagship product, the Bright Choices® Exchange, is an online benefits store that is changing the way employers and employees buy benefits. Private exchanges can help employers save money on their healthcare costs and set predictable budgets while allowing employees to personalize their benefits package with a selection of health, dental, vision, life, disability, and other elective benefits. Award-winning decision support and education helps employees make smarter benefits selections.
Pentra has helped employers evaluate, implement and communicate private concepts for years. Our experience is critical in making this type of benefit delivery platform a success for our clients.
Learn more about Liazon’s Bright Choices® Exchange by watching the video below:

Purchasing leverage is widely misunderstood. The size and scope of an advisor’s relationship with an insurer or vendor is meaningful, however it is no guarantee that clients will benefit.
We emphasize determining the right price for each risk and we educate insurers on the merits of each client’s situation. By doing this, we help insurers better understand the facts and circumstances of each client, which in turn facilitates relationships that are more likely to have long term pricing stability. Pentra is an owner of the National Benefit Center (NBC), an entity formed to enhance the value of products and services that are offered to our clients. We accomplish this, in part, by aggregating the collective value of our business relationships with insurers and with the other NBC owners. This provides us with leverage comparable to the largest brokers and consulting firms.