Experts who Stay Engaged

The foundation of Pentra’s service delivery model is to engage senior level experts and keep them engaged. Teams are permanently assigned to each client to enable them to become intimately familiar with the specific needs and nuances of our clients’ organization. We supplement the core team with subject matter experts who can provide more specialized expertise if and when required. In some instances, these experts may already be part of the core team, and in other instances we draw on resources outside of the core team.

Accurate financial forecasting, plan design pricing and funding analysis are essential to risk management and reliable budget development - you have to get the numbers right.
Our account teams are experienced in these areas and are supported by a professionally credentialed actuarial group including Fellows of the Society of Actuaries and members of the American Academy of Actuaries. This enables us to help employers with rate making, risk analysis, stop loss placement, experience analysis, budget development and captive management feasibility studies. Our actuarial group provides us with a competitive advantage because we understand precisely how the various insurers determine their rates and pricing. This enables us to negotiate more effectively or recommend appropriate self-funding strategies.

Regulatory compliance burdens associated with the sponsorship of employee benefit plans have grown increasingly complex and require focused attention.
We emphasize the importance of developing and deploying effective, legally compliant strategies to implement healthcare reform and to navigate the many other federal and state laws that govern benefit plans. Our core account teams help clients become aware of new legislation and regulatory pronouncements and then develop strategies to assure that plans and practices are compliant. Our expertise is supported by our Compliance Director and a team of ERISA, tax and benefits attorneys. We provide monthly webinars, regular compliance and legislation alerts and produce a comprehensive compliance guide that is updated annually.

Informed decision making must be based on accurate data and expert analysis and interpretation. The interpretation of data to useful information to assist you in managing your company program is critical.
We aggressively leverage clinical, financial and predictive data analysis and combine it with innovative technologies and data management services to help employers understand and solve complex business problems. Our data-driven solutions help mitigate risk, reduce costs, improve clinical outcomes and decrease overall medical expenditures for employees. We do this through the identification of:  

  • Key medical and pharmacy cost drivers
  • Emerging high-risk populations and individuals in need of health management services
  • Trends that indicate where benefit design should be adjusted

Prescription drug management has become a specialty area that requires dedicated resources and attention. Success requires well trained clinical experts working on your behalf.
Prescription drug costs have grown to about 20% of total health benefit spend. This area must be proactively managed to improve quality and cost. Prescription benefits are complicated to price and negotiate.
Through analytical reporting and expert clinical consulting services, we arm employers with the knowledge needed to contain their prescription plan expenses and proactively manage their prescription benefit offerings. We evaluate Pharmacy Benefit Management (PBM) programs on an ongoing basis and make recommendations to employers for ways to improve their coverage while also reducing overall costs.

People, processes and systems are essential components of enhancing benefit plan value. They can facilitate employee engagement and minimize financial and compliance risk. Technology is increasingly at the forefront of progressive benefit plan management.
Our account management teams recognize the value of helping clients select and manage the right HR and benefit technology. This may include payroll, time keeping, HRIS, benefits administration, performance management, recruitment/applicant tracking, and onboarding. Working with our technology experts, we can draft, manage, and oversee the RFP selection process for new providers. Just as importantly, we will work with existing providers to identify inefficiencies, gaps or deficiencies that may be causing errors or oversights. This typically includes a review of current workflows.
Our technology team is constantly assessing new and current providers. This knowledge base has proven to be extremely valuable to our clients particularly when they are making their initial inquiries into this very crowded marketplace.