ACA Employer’s Guide

Has Your Organization Kept Pace with All of the Changes Required by the Affordable Care Act?

At Pentra, we bring together teams of experts armed with consulting tools and resources to address key challenges such as cost, compliance and administrative ramifications that Health Care Reform (HCR) will have on organizations.

Using our Affordable Care Act (ACA) Employer’s Guide as a foundation, we are taking clients through a process that maps HCR laws, regulations and guidance against their organization’s current benefits and operational practices. We then quantify all costs related to HCR including taxes and fees for the purpose of determining the anticipated impact.

Once quantified, we provide plan design alternatives and model financials to help our clients make informed decisions. The deliverable is a comprehensive readiness assessment that identifies each area where action is required and what steps need to be taken to mitigate the financial, operational and compliance risks.

Updated as of March 15, 2015 

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