Why Pentra

Why Pentra is the Right Choice for Your Organization

Pentra has a global appreciation for the challenges related to providing health care and group benefits to employees. We take a hands-on approach to help our clients achieve the maximum possible return on their investment in employee benefits. We do this by combining strong technical expertise with a broad appreciation for every aspect of benefit delivery that employers must address.

Is Pentra Right For You?

Pentra combines a disciplined consulting approach with compassion and respect for the individual. We are effective negotiators on behalf of our clients not because we pressure insurers to under price their services, but because we invest the effort to educate insurers on the facts and circumstances of each risk. This approach leads to more accurate risk pricing which is typically to our clients’ advantage. We provide our clients with experienced, knowledgeable client teams that are highly capable and fully engaged. We supplement these core teams with experts such as doctors, pharmacists and attorneys to ensure that we always have the greatest level of expertise available. Our clients tell us that it is our ability to anticipate problems and avoid surprises that sets us apart.

Pentra also has experience working with different constituents within a business, helping us deliver exactly what you are looking for. Learn more about why Pentra:

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